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Freeware Route Created by Carey Stevens

This is a really large route, but you'll find it's worth it!  There are detailed buildings, wonderfully functioning grade crossings, unique signals, heavy automotive traffic, almost too many industrial spurs to count, and many other great features.

Activity Generator Template for Seaboard Air Line Florida Division available!  Click here to download!

Locomotive and Rolling Stock Repaints from Ken Wright

Timetables and Speed Limit Downloads

Route Map and Screen Shots

Installation Files, Instructions and Advice

Known Issues (fix for two freight activities just posted here 12/21/05)

Rolling Stock and Locomotive Downloads from Ken Wright

Ken has generously agreed to share his rolling stock repaints with us.  You can contact Ken by clicking here. (Click the pictures to see a larger picture, click the text to download the file).

SCL GP7 # 923.

SAL GP18 #407.

  SCLGP7 #963

SCLGP7 #991

SCL S2 #41

  SCL RS2 (this includes sound and cabview files so is a little large: 10 MB).

Family Lines Systems 3bay Hopper

SCL 3bay Hopper

SCL 3bay Hopper, Brown

SCL GP9 No. 1027

SCL U36C No. 2125

SCLU36C No. 2130

SCL C-420 No. 1223

Autotrain U36B No. 4009

Autotrain U36B



Route Timetables and Speed Limit Downloads

Excel Timetable and Extra Timetable Combined (two sheets in a workbook)

PDF Timetable

PDF Extra Timetable

Excel Speed Limit Chart

PDF Speed Limit Chart


Route Map and Screen Shots

You can download a full map of this route, including a listing of all sidings, courtesy of Craig Kawahara (mapmaker extraordinaire) here.

Click on the images below to see a larger image:

Screen shots courtesy of Charles Stagg:

Screen Shots courtesy of John Wienges:

Screen Shots courtesy of Sharon Evans:

For full thread on this at click here.

Installation Files, Instructions and Advice

BEFORE INSTALLING, you need to have the following installed and set up:

All are available at

A.  Single File Install (easiest method for users with broadband connections):

  1. If you installed a previous version of this route, we recommend you delete the \SALFlaDiv folder (in your \ROUTES folder in MSTS) first before re-installing.
  2. Due to space constraints, the download file is no longer hosted here.  Please visit and search for filename "SAL*" to find the installation files.  A split multi-file version is available at
  3. Unzip the file SALFLALL.ZIP.
  4. A file called SALFLADivRoute.exe will be created.  
  5. Double-click SALFLADivRoute.exe to install the route (if your copy of Microsoft Train Simulator isn't on your C:\ drive, be sure and change that first before unzipping).
  6. Jump to "C" below.

B.  Split File Install (four smaller files for users with dial up or other slower connections):

  1. If you installed a previous version of this route, we recommend you delete the \SALFlaDiv folder (in your \ROUTES folder in MSTS) first before re-installing.
  2. My web hosting service doesn't provide automatic downloads of files ending in ".z01" etc. so you will need to get these from  Direct links to the files are provided below.  To use these links, you must FIRST go to the File Library at and log in.  THEN click on the links below.
  3. Download each of these files in succession, and save anywhere you'd like (desktop, My Documents, My Received Files, etc.) but make sure you SAVE THEM ALL TO THE SAME PLACE!:
    2. SALFL.z01
    3. SALFL.z02
    4. SALFL.z03
  4. Unzip to the same folder where the other three files (SALFL.z01, SALFL.z02, and SALFL.z03) are located.  You can most easily accomplish this by right-clicking on and selecting "Extract to here" in the WinZip pop-up menu.  The only important file this creates is 

    Remember MUST end up in the same folder as the files ending in .z01 etc.!

  5. Unzip into your MSTS folder (usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\).   This will cause ALL FOUR FILES to eventually unzip (we recommend WinZip version 8 or later, you can download WinZip here.)
  6. Jump to "C" below.

C.  Next steps after following "A" or "C" above:

  1. A folder called "SALFlaDiv" will be created in your \Train Simulator\Routes folder.
  2. Go to the newly created \Train Simulator\Routes\SALFlaDiv folder and run (double-click) the file called "INSTALLME" or "INSTALLME.BAT".  Wait for the script to complete (can take a while).
  3. Some users of Windows XP have reported that it is necessary to do this TWICE.
  4. Download the two Rolling Stock Packs to anywhere on your PC:
    1. (Click here for a list of all .wag and .eng files in this pack, click here for a full list of every file in this pack.)
    2. SALRSPK2.ZIP (Click here for a list of all .wag and .eng files in this pack, click here for a full list of every file in this pack.)
  5. Unzip both of those files, and then double click (run) the self-installing .exe files included in each: SALRSPack1.exe and SALRSPack2.exe.
  6. Respond "Yes" when asked about any file overwrites.  These rolling stock packs place the rolling stock into the correct folders needed so that the activities included with the route will run correctly, and correct some bounding box and other errors.

    NOTE:  Even if you've already downloaded and installed these rolling stock packs, you MUST install them again IF you reinstall the route.  These correct some file problems in the route distribution!

Known Issues

Bounding Box Issues with some Rolling Stock

Norman Beverage discovered and fixed this.  New rolling stock packs were uploaded on 1/20/2006.  If you are having problems coupling to various pieces of rolling stock, please download the two rolling stock packs again, and overwrite all old files.  Bounding boxes have been adjusted by Norm on nearly every engine and wagon. Download and SALRSPK2.ZIP.

Problem with Plant City - Dade and Gary Yard Activities

The existing cars sitting in the 844.8 Oil Supplier and Butler Cement Spurs took up a good part of the siding, so when a setout was made here the player wouldn't get credit, since not all the cars set out actually fit within the siding boundaries.  There are no pickups at these spurs.  These activities have been fixed, you can download the fix here.  Simply unzip anywhere and then copy the two .act files into your \SALFlaDiv\Activities folder (or unzip directly into your SALFlaDiv\Activities folder).  Thanks to David Weiner for discovering and reporting this.

No Snow Textures.

This is a known issue.  It didn't snow in Florida, and Carey didn't create Snow textures.  So please don't select Winter or Snow or the route may crash.  Also RouteRiter may report that these textures are missing. 

Can't get Passenger Speed Limits with some activities.

Some of the passenger activities use a Railway Express Agency Reefer in the consist.  This reefer by default is car type "Freight".  Having this car in the consist causes the entire train to be considered a "Freight" train and thus you are restricted to the Freight speed limits.  We have modified the .wag file for this car so it is type "Carriage" (Passenger).  Click here to download this updated file, then unzip it and save "reareef.wag" to your "\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET\Railway Express Agency Reefer" folder, overwriting the file that is currently there, and you should now be able to run at Passenger speeds and make those stops on schedule.

Unused Services.

There are a number of extra "services" included with the route which are not needed.  I will update a new version that does not include these services.  A RouteRiter report posted by shows the following:

Missing consists:
92904.con (MISSING!)
Testplctpa.con (MISSING!)
Razorback Special.con (MISSING!)
Csxlongplayer.con (MISSING!)
Sd_lacoochie_local.con (MISSING!)
Silver Meteor 158.con (MISSING!)
Speedster.con (MISSING!)
Sunland 7.con (MISSING!)
Switchers.con (MISSING!)
Gp9 F3a F3b Plus 16 Cars.con (MISSING!)
Yeoman-sarasota Sub.con (MISSING!)
Zph Turn.con (MISSING!)

Until we post a fix, there are three workarounds:

ACL Tank Train.srv
AI Dade City Turn 1111.srv
AI Dade City Turn 1112.srv
AI The Pioneer 99.srv
Mia Test.srv
Mileage Test.srv
OWB to ZPH.srv
Razorback Special 71.srv
Razorback Special 72.srv
SAL Juice Train.srv
SD Test.srv
Silver Meteor 158.srv
Sunland # 108.srv
Sunland 7.srv
Tampa Docks.srv
Wildwood Local 1616.srv
Wildwood Tampa.srv
Yeoman-Sarasota sub.srv
Zephyrhills Turn.srv

Further discussion of this can be found here.

If you discover an installation issue or have an installation-related question please post it on the SAL User Forum  or send an e-mail to Steve Davis.